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Will and his father own/operate a dairy farm in Lamar County, Alabama. The dairy has been in continuous operation since Will’s grandfather established it on his parents' farm in the early 1950s. They currently milk 200 Holstein cows and raise their own replacement heifers, while managing 600 acres of land used for pasture and forage production. Those forages include hay, summer silage crops, and small grains/ryegrass for both silage and strip grazing.

Continuous Improvement Efforts

“Over the past few years we have provided seasonal strip grazing for our milking herd, we've started utilizing no-till to produce both summer and cool-season silage crops for our animals, and we have upgraded our dairy waste management system to more efficiently use captured nutrients as fertilizer. All of these management practices allow us to raise healthy, comfortable cows that produce quality milk and dairy beef.”

How I've Told My Story

“Along with numerous one-on-one conversations, I have given presentations to civic groups, visited classrooms, hosted farm tours, made appearances on television and radio, and was even a guest at a big food blogging conference earlier this year. Over the internet, I've maintained a farm website for several years, I blog about life on my farm, share my story daily over Facebook/Twitter, and have uploaded 90+ farm videos to YouTube.”


Local (Lamar County, AL): Farmers Federation Secretary/Treasurer, Farm-City Cmte, Beef Assn Board of Directors; Alabama Farmers Federation's State Dairy Cmte (Chair) & Farm Bill Cmte; American Dairy Assn. of Ala. Secretary; Dairy Farmers of America voting