Just saw your ad on food safety for the first time. Very impressed with the honesty and integrity of the farmers and their families. I take great encouragement that they show such pride in what they produce and they have the same concerns I do. My question is about the final process of producing meat; the slaughter process. I have HUGE concerns over this and eat zero meat anymore as a way to protest the inhumane treatment. I did enjoy eating meat and wonder why the meat industry does not do more to promote a transparent slaughter process to the public? I would be so pleased and able to go back to eating meat if I knew without doubt that the animals are treated humanely from farm to table. What can the USFRA do to promote a more humane life cycle and reassure consumers on animal welfare? It seems so simple to me that the big slaughterhouses and meat producers gain consumer confidence by magnifying this process and commit to humane treatment for all farm animals.

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