What is SMART Farm?

Today’s SMART Farms strive to be sustainable by utilizing science and technology to be faster and more efficient while growing and producing the world’s best food supply. SMART Farming touches every aspect of farming technology, from water conservation and animal welfare to sustainability and habitat conservation; SMART Farm plays a key role.

U.S. Farmer and Rancher Alliance’s SMART Farm concept brings the farm to consumers through 360 degree videos, influential events, Food Dialogues and interactive lesson plans for students. SMART Farm brings food and livestock productions directly to consumers so people who would never step foot on a farm can experience the sights and sounds of America’s agriculture.

SMART Farm 360 Videos are Live!

Experience our new 360-degree videos which gives you a one-of-a kind experience inside a modern pig farm. See how farmers are using new technologies to improve animal welfare, find out why animals are raised indoors, and learn how continuous improvement on today’s farms is enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

SMART Farm Podcasts

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) has partnered with AgWired for a SMART Farmer podcast. It features interviews with USFRA farmer leaders who use data and technology to be more sustainable and to help build a smarter version of the American farm and ranch. Listen to the SMART Farm Podcasts.

SMART Farm in the Media

U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance has had several mainstream media opportunities, click here to read about SMART Farm in the news.