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Sustainable Since 1958


Sustainable Since 1958

Doug Wolf, a USFRA Board Member, is a partner in Wolf L&G Farms LLC with his wife and son. His parents bought the farm in 1958, and he has been running it for 40 years. The Wolf family farm is a diversified farm that includes a cow-calf herd, sow operation, as well as corn and soybeans.

This Earth Day, Doug is busy in the field using today’s technology to ensure he’s planting in the most efficient way. He believes getting everything right is important for making our environment better.

How is Your Farm Sustainable?
DW: In our hog operation everything is confined. We collect manure from the hogs and it’s used to regenerate feed for the next year. 50% of nutrients are recycled from hog production. We do minimum till and no till practices. We do as little as possible to disturb the soil. The manure is injected into the ground and helps to sequester the carbon.

How are you continually improving?
DW: We’re doing soil tests and manure tests. We test everything that goes on. We work with a professional nutritient management company to apply tighter rates to get maximum production. We strive harder and harder to apply in accordance to what the crop’s needs are today.

How do your sustainable practices effect consumers?
DW: The biggest thing from the consumer standpoint is that we’re reducing our carbon footprint and every year we have better management to do so.

Why are you thankful for consumers?
DW: Without consumers I don’t have a job. They keep you on your toes and make you a better farmer all the time. Sometimes it’s good to have someone question why you’re doing things because it makes you re-evaluate. We always want to be improving.

Do you think farmers and ranchers are caring more for the environment?
DW: Definitely. At the time I started farming you didn’t worry about manure nutrients it was just something you had to get rid of. Today we find out they’re a very vital part of our production system. I think everyone is striving to do a better job all the time. The technology is there. We use auto-steer to make sure we don’t over plant or under plant and get everything right where it belongs. GMOs are allowing us to use less herbicides and insecticides, which creates a better environment. There are a lot of things technology has driven.