Dairy farms hire veterinarians to find which cows are pregnant. Here Dr. Rob Farruggio of Wisconsin ultrasounds cows and through his binoculars sees the fetus of a baby cow. As he tours the farm he explains that happy cows housed in comfortable barns produce more milk. Dairy farmer Jordan Matthews of Rosy-Lane Holsteins says wireless technology is also helping manage the herd, keeping animals healthy, and helping farmers track milk production.

The milk from this farm is made into famous Wisconsin cheese sold at supermarkets nationwide. Dr. Farruggio adds he and his farm customers work together to ensure welfare and health of the animals. "Farmers would never mishandle their animals because that's their living, we take pride in what we do," he says.

Veterinarians On Call is presented by Zoetis and features vets on the job and their clients across the U.S. who volunteered to be filmed, those appearing were not compensated to participate and the opinions expressed are theirs.