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If An Animal Is Fed GM Feed, Are The Animal Products Considered GMOs?

Farmers and ranchers that provide our meat, milk and eggs depend on genetically enhanced crops as critical components in their animals’ feed. Livestock in the U.S. have been fed GM crops since they were first introduced in 1995.

A recent scientific review found that food-producing animals consuming genetically modified feed has been comparable to animals consuming non-GM feed. The review by the University of California, Davis examined nearly 30 years of livestock feeding studies that represent more than 100 billion animals.

Food-producing animals such as cows, pigs, goats, chickens and other poultry species now consume 70 to 90 percent of all GM crops, according to the UC Davis review. In the U.S., alone, 9 billion food-producing animals are produced annually, with 95 percent of them consuming feed that contains GM ingredients.

More than 100 digestion and feeding studies examining the effects of feeding GM crops to various food-producing animals have been reported to the Federation of Animal Science Societies, and results revealed no significant differences in the nutritional value of feedstuffs compared with their conventional counterparts. Results for long-term studies have not indicated any impact on animal health or the quality of any animal products as a consequence of long-term consumption of GM feed.