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Jeremy Brown


We are a fifth generation farm family currently operating just under 3,000 acres on the South Plains of West Texas. The mission of our farming operation, Broadview Agriculture Inc., is to steward and manage the natural resources God has given us to feed and clothe the world. We are committed to caring for the land by practicing crop rotation, minimum tillage, and using green cover crops. We are a sustainable operation, farming with our future in mind. I have been actively involved in farming since I was given 40 acres of land to manage at the age of 15. It has always been my dream and desire to farm, and I am thankful every day that I can. We grow cotton, organic cotton, wheat, rye, grain sorghum, peanuts and sesame and about 1,000 acres is used for growing organic, non-irrigated cotton.


We believe that if you take care of the land, it will take care of you. We are committed to this goal by focusing on two main practices—soil health and water efficiency. We work at building the soil health through the use of compost, minimum tillage or no-till, crop rotation and high residue multi-species cover crops that help build soil organic matter. Water efficiency is also extremely important because it’s a limited resource, especially on the South Plains of Texas. Of our 3,000 acres, 840 acres are irrigated to grow many of our crops. We work to conserve water by using remote control devices to control our pivots using my phone or computer. We also use GPS on our tractors.


I like to give people a one-on-one experience with an actual farmer. There’s so much debate about organic vs non organic and GMOs and this gives farmers the opportunity to meet with people and talk to them about how we farm in a trustworthy way to gain their trust. I’ve reached out to our consumer audience through many avenues. I was a guest columnist for our local newspaper, the Lubbock Avalanche Journal. I’ve also written a blog post for Texas Agriculture Talks, one of Texas Farm Bureau’s blog platforms and participated in Texas Farm Bureau’s AgLead program, which is a leadership program for farmers and ranchers to meet with influencers and advocate for agriculture as well as learn about various innovative agricultural technologies by touring state, national and international operations.


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