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Kyle Bridgeforth

Kyle Bridgeforth is a fifth generation farmer from Tanner, Ala. He farms with his dad, uncle, brother and cousin on Bridgeforth Farms, where they grow double-crop wheat and soybeans, but also corn, canola, cotton and grain sorghum. Kyle graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in international studies: business and economics.

He’s participated in the ASA DuPont Young Leaders Program and the United Soybean Board (USB) See For Yourself Program. With ASA, he’s lobbied on behalf on the soybean industry and in 2014 gave a speech on his experience during the USB See For Yourself Program. Every other year, his operation hosts a Field Day, in conjunction with the National Black Growers Council, where they invite members of the community to learn about the latest agricultural programs and technology. Kyle is most passionate about minority and underrepresented farmers, global food security, young farmers and community awareness.