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Lauren Schwab

My Story

I am proud to work with my family on our pig farm in Butler County, Ohio. Schwab Family Farm is an 1200-sow breed-to-wean farm owned and operated by my parents Jeff and Toni Schwab where I work full time as the farrowing house manager and my brother is the gestation house manager.  I have been involved since childhood and became the farrowing house manager since graduating Miami University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Women Studies and a Master of Science in Family Studies. As our farm has grown over time, as well as the pork industry, farmers began specialized production and we formed a contract with a local farmer to raise weaned piglets for him to grow as feeder pigs. I enjoy the specialized care and focused attention we put into breeding our sows and raising their piglets. I consider myself a week one specialist and ensure all piglets get off to the best start before going to the next farm.

How We’re Smart Farming Today

We are a smart farm in using science and technology, and we constantly work to improve how we raise our pigs. Piglets have a warm heat lamp and the barns protect them from weather elements. Each barn’s climate is monitored to keep the pigs comfortable with plenty of fresh air using controls. We use scales on an automatic feed grinder to provide the rations of corn and soybean meal with vitamins and minerals. They have automatic waters and individual feeders. The floors have slats where manure passes through and is stored in a pit underneath the barn to keep the pigs clean. We then use a manure spreader to apply it on the fields as an organic fertilizer. We use our phones and computers to keep records of each sow, litter and her birthing history.

How I’ve Told My Story

As a millennial farmer and blogger, I connect with young adults and young women who care about their food, our environment and their careers. It’s up to the next generation to continue the family farm and America’s agriculture. My blog “Farm Girl With Curls” is my brand and a platform where I can tell my family’s story and story of American Agriculture to those who wish to seek it. I present myself with professionalism, confidence and poise. I break the stereotypical appearance of an older male farmer and gain the attention of a young consumer audience.


National Pork Board, Ohio Pork Council, Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Soybean Association, American Agri-Women, National FFA Organization