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Our Thought Leader is Polly Ruhland, CEO of United Soybean Board, who joins us to discuss soybean innovation, the latest research findings and what’s next for soybean farmers.
Food News of the Week: California Growers implement New Water Rules to ensure Romaine is Safe for Consumption, Agriculture in Alaska is Booming, Data Shows Fundamental Shifts occurring in American Farming, Expanding Blockchain-based Grocery Store Network can help improve Food Safety.
Farmer of the Week, Kelly Griggs: Today’s Farmer is Kelly Griggs, row crop farmer – one of the farmers on American Farm on History who has one of the most challenging personal issues being a wheat farmer.

Our Thought Leader is Christine Daugherty, PepsiCo‘s Vice President of Global Sustainable Agriculture and Responsible Sourcing
Food News of the Week: Managing Soil (and soil fertility) after Flooding, The Hollowing Out of Mid-Sized U.S. Farms, Transitioning a Farm from one Generation to the Next is now Trickier than Ever, A Smartphone App that allows Farmers to Control where their Cows Graze
Farmer of the Week Jenna Madsen: Today’s farmer comes from one of the farm families featured on The American Farm on History. Jenna Madsen, of Sunderland Farms is the daughter of patriarch Scott Sunderland – her husband Brett and their 4 kids are struggling with drought conditions and a downturn in turkey consumption.

Our Thought Leader is Thom Beers, one of the co-founders of Bobcat, which produces The American Farm, now airing on History.
Food News of the Week: Fixing Food Systems is Imperative for meeting Sustainable Development Goals, An Urgent Call for Adapting Agriculture and Food Systems, High-Pressure Processing can help keep Foods Fresh, Healthy, and Safe, The USDA, EPA, and FDA have released an inter-agency Plan to Combat Food Waste

Our Thought Leader is Alesha Black, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Managing Director the Global Food and Agriculture Program. She speaks about the recent Global Food Security Symposium and her role in in advancing food security and nutrition.
Food News of the Week: Dairy group wants the FDA to get more strict about Terms used for Non-Milk Products, Grocers can capture Consumers with Fresh-Cut Fruit, How “Digital Twins” could allow Retailers give more to Food Banks, Tyson Foods and Cloud-Based Tech—could this be the next Frontier for reaching Sustainability Goals?
Farmer of The Week: AG Kawamura, Third generation fruit and vegetable grower and shipper from Orange County, CA, Former Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Our Thought Leader is Dr. John Newton, Chief Economist of the American Farm Bureau Federation. With the devastation occurring on our farms and ranches in the Midwest, Dr. Newton gave us the most up to date report on exactly what is going on.
Food News of the Week: Farmers are Experiencing incredibly Hard Times from Mother Nature, The Ag Industry is Seeking USDA oversight of genetically engineered Animals, Drones could help Reduce the use of Antibiotics in Livestock, Is Hydroponics the Future of Farming?, Farmers Markets are Struggling because the Market is Saturated
Farmer of the Week: Anne Meis, who owns and operates a corn, soybean, alfalfa and feeder cattle operation southeast of Elgin, Neb.

Our Thought Leader is Monica Amburn, a registered dietitian/nutritionist with a passion for creative wellness education and communications.
Food News Of The Week: Pepsi Empowers Female Farmers with CARE Partnership, It’s not the Farmers who are “tossing” perfectly good Produce, New USDA Beef “Lifecycle Assessment” discovers Environmental Impacts are Lower than previously Perceived, It has been a critical year for CRISPR—but the technology’s Success Depends on Consumers, How decision-makers in Food Companies prioritize Food Tech Innovations
Farmer of the Week: Carla Wardin, Michigan Dairy Farmer

Our thought leader is Dr. Mickey Rubin, the Executive Director of the Egg Nutrition Board, and one of the nation’s leaders on sports nutrition and the dietary effects of what we eat on cardiometabolic health outcomes.
Food News of the Week: Want to learn the “Life Story” of a Chicken in your Supermarket? Well, now you can, High-fat Diets cause Food Prices to balloon—challenging Farmers to Keep Up, What Food Companies should learn from Smithfield Foods, who has exceeded its Grain Sustainability Goal, Remember those ugly smoke stacks? Turns out there’s a reclaimed smoke-stack Mineral that could help Grow Crops, It’s all about the retail experience to compete with online shopping
Farmer of the Week: Jim Adams, who is former chairman of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and serves as a board member of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance.

Our Thought Leader is Dr. Nick Goeser, Vice President, Sustainability Sciences and Strategy, U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance
Super Market Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Spinach may hold the Solution to the devastating Disease that’s harming Citrus Trees, How (and where) will Farmers Grow our Food in the Future? Urban Agriculture can Improve Food Security, Next Trend: Probiotics for Plants, A Tinder-inspired app is helping Farmers match up potential Partners for their Cattle!
Farmer of the Week: Nancy Kavazanjian, Wisconsin Soybean Farmer and USFRA former Chairwoman

Our thought leader is Bridget Wasser, Executive Director, Meat Science & Supply Chain Outreach at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.
Super Market Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Polar Vortex Slammed mid-western Dairy Farmers and Beef Cattle Ranchers, Oregon Rancher is Building Soil Health—as well as a Robust Regional Food System, Has this Company Invented a Weed that could Save Farming (and the Environment), Producers design Angus herd Genetics for Better Beef, A major beer offers A #ToastToFarmers as a way to thank crop growers. 
Farmer of the Week: Kelsey Pope a Colorado cattle rancher & blogger.

Our thought leader guest is Joe Koss, CEO of Culver’s, who discusses their appreciation for farmers and ranchers through their Thank You Farmers Project.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: This might be the Answer to Herbicide-Resistant “Superweeds”, New Research offers Strategies for Sustainable, Profitable Livestock Farming, This is How “Influencers” will Highlight Produce in 2019, The Warm Colors of Yellow and Orange will prevail in 2019.
Farmer of The Week: Bo Stone, a North Carolina farmer from P&S Farms who grows 2,300 acres of corn, wheat and soybeans, raises approximately 10,000 pigs annually and have 60 cows. They also grow 2.5 acres of strawberries and 4 acres of sweet corn to sell at their own roadside market. He’s served as a Face of Farming & Ranching for U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and was previously selected as the North Carolina Farmer of the Year.

Our thought leader guest is Executive Director of the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research Sally Rockey, Ph.D., who discusses why game-changing research, technology and innovation is critical to the future of farming and the food world – and how you can be a part of it. 
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Farmers cut off from their Federal lifelines as Shutdown Persists, A peek Inside a High-Tech Small Farm, Agrivoltaics: Solar Panels on Farms could be a Win-Win, Survey shows that 9 in 10 Shoppers will Revisit Stores that Ignite the Senses, Supply Chains and Logistics Need a Digital Transformation.
Farmer of the Week: Brett Kaysen, Ph.D., who leads the sustainability practice at the National Pork Board and is an Iowa pig farmer. 

Our thought leader guest is U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance CEO Erin Fitzgerald, who discusses the recent EAT-Lancet report and USFRA’s 5 Pathways to enable food systems in the Anthropocene Era. 
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include:  We know that Crops can be bred to Resist Disease—but is it possible to breed Crops Resilient to Rising Temperatures?, Female Ranchers are on the Rise!, Recruiting Ants to Fight Weeds on the Farm, These are 5 Ways Grocers can Sell More in 2019
Farmer of the Week: Cassidy Johnston, who along with her husband and sons, work a cattle ranch in southeastern New Mexico. She serves as a Sustainability Officer for the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. 

Our thought leader guest is Katie Brown, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Nutrition at Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) that manages the National Dairy Council, the Innovation for US Dairy and the US Dairy Export Council.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s
news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Solutions that could help Feed 10 Billion People without depleting the Planet, Fixing a Flaw in Photosynthesis could Tremendously increase the amount of Food we Produce, “Smart Agriculture” could be the Solution to Water Scarcity, Beef sees Rise in Demand for “High End” Cuts, Six Trends expected to Impact the Food Industry in 2019
Farmer of the Week: Brody Stapel of Double Dutch Dairy, President of Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, Board Member of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. Double Dutch Dairy consists of 220 cows and 800 acres in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin. 

Our thought leader guest is Zippy Duvall, the President of the American Farm Bureau Federation. 
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include:  What Retailers and Restaurants can Learn from Farmers who have Reduced their use of Antibiotics, The Salvation Army is starting to Sell Groceries, Meal Kit Mania: Consumers Love this modern Innovative Offering So Why are these Companies Failing, Amazon commits approximately $22 billion in future Food Purchases as it proliferates Whole Foods, Consumers are a bit Happier with Supermarkets recently-more so than they’ve been in Previous Years!
Farmer of the Week: Chairman of US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance, Charles Bowling Jr. Chip is a third generation farmer who operates a 1,400 acre grain farm growing soybean, wheat, barley and grain sorghum an hour’s drive from our Nation’s Capital.

Our thought leader guest is John Newton, American Farm Bureau Federation Economist.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include:
This is How Food Can Have The Power to Transform a Person, A Fresh Solution For Tackling Food Waste in the Supply Chain, Forty Acres of American Farmland is Lost Every Hour Due to Development, A New Wave of Ag-Tech Startups: Uber CEO and Alphabet Invest in Urban Farming.
Hilary Maricle, Farmer, Ag Educator:  Hilary is a sixth-generation farmer on a diversified farm in Albion Nebraska. She is an agriculture advocate, a sustainability officer for US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and a member of Common Ground.

Our thought leader guest is Kim Kirchherr, an award-winning registered dietitian and a certified personal trainer.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Could this App be the Key to Saving Crops from Pests and Pathogens?, We’re Facing a “Storm of Innovation.” Is your Supply Chan Prepared?, Meet the “New American Farmer”, and Leading Scientists call for 8-Step Action to Increase Global Soil Carbon.
Jay Hill, Hill Farms & Wholesome Farms is a New Mexico vegetable and nut farmer.  


Our thought leader guest Mary Shelman, Former Director of Harvard Business School’s Agribusiness Program.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: What the latest Climate Report means for Agriculture, How Dairy Farmers can Lead the way in Environmental Stewardship, Ways to Grow More Food with Less Pollution, and Two Companies are Joining forces to Capture Methane from Hog Manure Lagoons!  
Steve Meier, his wife Teresa, and their family, have been providing greater Jackson, Missouri area with an unique Christmas experience; offering customers a “choose and harvest” or pre-cut trees.


Our thought leader guest Erin Fitzgerald, CEO of USFRA, shares insights from the Sustainable Agriculture Summit and Panel Discussion.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: New Holiday Survey Results: “State of Grocery Retail” Report, KFC & Baidu join forces regarding Facial Recognition, Young Farmers Cashing in on Hemp, and “California Wine” Grape Growers must deal with Damage from Catastrophic Wildfires.
Don Cameron, of Terranova Ranch in Helm California, will discuss sustainability of the farm, and the California weather events and challenges he deals with including drought, forest fires, and climate change. 


Walter Robb, former Co-CEO of Whole Foods who now is investing in food and agriculture start ups and will share his insights on both organic and conventional agriculture – how we need both to work together, the importance of retailers working with farmers, how food and agriculture is moving sustainability forward through technology and continuous improvement.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: a New Main Protein Being Served at Thanksgiving, Buying Fresh Produce Online, Cranberry Consumption, Tech Keeping America’s Disabled Farmers on the Job, and Farm Bureau’s Thanksgiving Survey.
Darrell Glaser is a farmer and owner of Bar G and Reveille Turkey Farms in Rogers, Texas, where he raises turkeys and cattle. Darrell is a former Face of Farming and Ranching for the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. 


Zia Daniell Wigder, co-founder and Chief Global Content Officer at Groceryshop will share why it is important for farmers and ranchers to be included in the discussions with grocery and e-commerce retailers.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: The Worlds First Floating Dairy Farm, Traceable Turkey Programs, a Post Hurricane Update, and Robots as “Cattle Drivers.”
Dr. Emily Buck, third-generation farmer who grows corn and soybeans, along with a flock of 40 Southdown sheep.


U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance CEO Erin Fitzgerald discusses responsible investment and marketing across the food value chain through new innovations backed by science and shared outcomes.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: New Source of Protein, Healthy Living Campaign and “Winning on Reducing Food Waste” Initiative.
Georgia corn, cotton and peanut farmer Jimmy Webb engages with Phil for a Q&A about Hurricane Michael and its impact on farmers, the farm economy and our food and fiber supply this harvest.


U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance CEO Erin Fitzgerald discusses the recent UN Global Warming report and farmers’ role in carbon sequestration and utilizing biomass for energy.
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert’s news roundup of the week’s top stories in food/agriculture include: Impact of Hurricane Michael, “Internet of Cows” and IBM Food Trust Network.
Pig Farmer of the Year Brad Greenway and his wife Peggy engage with Phil for a Q&A about technology and innovation, continuous improvement in animal care and today’s family farm.