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Solutions under our feet

Credit stat: American Farmland Trust

In celebration of Earth Day , let’s pause to recognize the importance of America’s farmlands and ranch lands. Over the last decade, we’ve lost nearly 31 million acres of land in the U.S. due to urban and residential development, which is 175 acres an hour. We often forget that this acreage is essential in storing and cycling carbon just as our forests and oceans are in sequestering carbon for our planet’s health.
We have an opportunity to elevate food and agriculture as the solution. Even though we are losing farm acreage, we are finding farmers and ranchers innovating to meet the future challenges. In our shared commitment to steward the land, Earth Day is every day for the food and agriculture sector.

It starts with sustainable outcomes. From creating solutions for carbon mitigation and storage, to bringing the food value chain together to mine new opportunities that could very well enable drawdown. Often I find myself looking up to the future for solutions, only realizing they are right below our feet! Find out more in U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance 5 Pathways that Create Sustainable Food Systems: