Sustainability Officers - Food Dialogues

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) created the Sustainability Officers Council to provide food companies with access to the farmer and rancher perspective. It is critical for farmers and ranchers to have a voice in conversations with others in the supply chain about sustainability, food and agriculture. The Sustainability Officers Council allows anyone who would like to speak with a farmer or rancher about current and future sustainability practices in agriculture to easily set up a meeting through USFRA.

The food industry makes new product claims, procurement and sourcing decisions daily to appease consumer demands, without consulting farmers and ranchers. As more companies shift sourcing decisions, citing sustainability goals at the heart of their efforts, the end result could be fundamental changes in farming structures. To learn more, click here.

USFRA is pleased to announce our six new Sustainability Officers:

Kyle Bridgeforth

Kyle Bridgeforth is a fifth generation farmer from Tanner, Ala. He farms with his dad, uncle, brother and cousin on Bridgeforth Farms, where they grow double-crop wheat and soybeans, but also corn, canola, cotton and grain sorghum. Kyle graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in international studies: business and economics.

Tom Crave

Tom Crave was raised with his 3 brothers on a 40-cow dairy farm near Beloit, Wisconsin, they began farming together in 1978 in Mount Horeb, milking 57 cows on a rented farm. They purchased their Waterloo dairy farm in 1980 with the goal of building a successful agribusiness.

Cassidy Johnston

Cassidy Johnston lives and works with her husband and sons on a cattle ranch in southeastern New Mexico. Cassidy grew up in a suburb of Denver and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies.

Nancy Kavazanjian

Nancy Kavazanjian grows soybeans, corn and wheat with her husband, Charles Hammer, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. Her farm goals are to become more innovative and sustainable. Nancy has served on the United Soybean Board (USB).

Hilary Maricle

Hilary Maricle is a sixth generation farmer on a diversified farm in Albion, NE, she also serves as an agriculture advocate sharing the story of agriculture as a part of various farm organizations

Leon Sheets

Leon Sheets is from Ionia, Iowa, located in the NE part of the state. His family farm consists of a 3,600-head nursery barn, as well as 3,000 finishing spaces over three barns. Leon and his son Jarrod partner on 600 acres of farm ground that is mostly corn, but also some soybeans.

To contact a sustainability officer, or learn more about the program, contact